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Custom Cut & Installed Mirrors

Custom mirrors

Mirrors are a basic necessity for the bathroom. Centex Quality Glass has several option for mirrors, and we can help fit into any budget. The two major directions customers can go are the basic flat mirror or framed mirror.

  • Flat Mirrors
  • Plugs, Switches, and Lights
  • Beveled Edge
  • Beveled Strip Wrap or Bevel Wrap
  • Miscellaneous Mirrors
  • Framed Mirrors

Flat Mirrors

These are the 1/4” mirror that most people see in bathrooms. Centex Quality Glass will measure and cut the mirrors out of square if the walls and vanity are level or square. This will allow the mirror to appear level at the lights or square along the walls. We can fit a mirror in any space.

Plugs, Switches, & Lights

Some common work that Centex Quality Glass can provide with flat mirrors is to cut in holes for plugs, switches, and even lights. This allows someone to maximize their mirror with a very clean and elegant look. For the plugs and switches, we will replace the normal cover plate with a mirrored cover plate that has a 1/2" Beveled Edge to it, creating a complete look.

Beveled Edge

We can measure, order, and install a mirror with a 1” Beveled Edge around it. While Centex Quality Glass doesn’t bevel mirrors on site, we have access to that service.

Beveled Strip Wrap or Bevel Wrap

We can add a mirrored framing to any new or currently installed mirror. Typically we use a 2” strip which has 1/2” Beveled Edges down the sides and attach them to the mirror with a double sided mirror tape. This created a clean looking frame around the mirror using mirror material.

Miscellaneous Mirrors

We can install a dressing mirror to a door or closet wall, cut arched mirrors, one way mirrors, and even install a mirror wall in a home gym. Let Centex Glass take care of all of your mirror needs. We will measure and provide a free estimate to make sure the work you want done fits your budget.

Custom framed mirrors

Framed Mirrors

Centex Quality Glass is well known for our Framed Mirrors. If someone wants a little more uniqueness for their bathroom mirrors, we can help. We have over 500 frame selections that our customers can choose from, letting them personalize their bathroom. This also allows a wide variety of frames to choose from in order to meet a specific budget. We will measure to whatever size is needed to look the best for your bathroom, order and assemble the frames, add the mirrors, and then hang them on the wall. It will be like having a large picture, but with a mirror in it. Our framed mirrors have become a best seller in recent years. Centex Quality Glass will provide free estimate for our framed mirrors.

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